Verkazia provides support for kids, their families, and you

Verkazia has a robust support system
Verkazia has a robust support system

For healthcare professionals

Enroll your patients in the Verkazia patient access support program to ease the initiation process for your practice, your patients, and their caregivers

Verkazia offers reimbursement support

Reimbursement support

  • Benefit verification 
  • Coverage determination
  • Prior authorization assistance
Verkazia offers prior authorization assistance

Support for patients
and caregivers

  • Pharmacy locator service
  • Adherence support 
  • Educational materials 
Verkazia offers live demos and technical support

Support for providers

  • ePrescribing capabilities 
  • Patient enrollment form 
  • Frequently asked questions 

Visit the Verkazia patient access support page

or call 1-833-577-7277 (8 am to 8 pm ET M-F)

Complete this enrollment form and fax it to 1-833-577-2866 to enroll your patients in the Verkazia patient access support program

Enrollment form

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    Verkazia brochure

    Download a brochure about Verkazia for you and your colleagues


For patients and caregivers

  • Give kids, adolescents, and teens access to fun and informative resources 
  • Provide parents with comprehensive educational information about VKC and Verkazia
  • Offer materials that provide a support system for people with VKC and their loved ones
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    Download a patient brochure about Verkazia and VKC

    Download the patient brochure to give your patients and their caregivers a comprehensive understanding of VKC and how Verkazia works

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    Spanish Brochure

    Descargue el Folleto para Pacientes para que sus pacientes y sus cuidadores conozcan a fondo la QCV y cómo funciona Verkazia

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    Download a storybook for children with VKC

    Download a storybook for your young VKC patients and their families

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    Patient Calendar

    Download a calendar to help patients track and incentivize administration